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same day crowns (cerec) — Chicago

CEREC technology is a state-of-the-art system for creating the most-advanced permanent crowns today. With CEREC same-day crowns, there is no need to construct a temporary crown, take impressions for a permanent crown that will be developed later and go through days of “protective” eating and being extra careful of the temporary crown. Sweet Tooth Dentistry will craft your restorative crown in our office during the same treatment session that your tooth is prepared for it.

Reduce the Number of Appointments

We possess all of the necessary materials to construct your crowns. Here’s a summary of our process: CEREC crowns use computer technology to image the tooth that will be crowned, as well as the surrounding teeth. This computer-aided design allows Dr. Grason to achieve a better fit and match than was previously possible and to check this work in the context of your teeth since you are present while the permanent restoration is made. In addition, because the crown is made from a single block of ceramic or resin material, it is considerably stronger than many other types of crowns. It is simply the best same-day crown available in dentistry today, and this technology is all part of The Sweet Tooth Difference! You won’t find any CEREC services quite like ours!

Best of all, you can locate our services in Lake View, Lincoln Park and Chicago yourself!

What Our happy clients Are Saying…

“Dr Margaux Grason is awesome. She knew exactly what I was looking for & answered all my questions very well.”
Wasim S. - Chicago, IL
Dr. grason was great. she was very quick and very thorough. I’ve had bad experiences with other dentists over-diagnosing and she only recommended what was necessary. 😉
Alex C. - Chicago, IL
This was a very pleasant experience! Great staff, great service! Will definitely recommend them!
Nathalie M. - Chicago, IL
Wait time was short. Staff was super friendly and very good at keeping things not-awkward, which is always a worry. Dr. Grason was great. Down-to-earth doctor, but seemed super capable.
Bradley A. - Chicago, IL
Dr.Margaux was great. She was very professional and took the time to not only explain but show me through photos and x-rays what I needed to get done. She was extremely pleasant and I plan on returning to her for my next appointment.
Katherine J. - Chicago, IL
I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and was a bit nervous. Dr. Margaux couldn’t have been nicer and I felt really at ease. The hygienists were really great, too. Definitely recommend.
Hanna H. - Chicago, IL