When we think of the dentist,
we most often think of “cavities.”

Avoiding them, and hoping when we visit the dentist that we’ve done well enough to prevent them. This is partially because cavities can develop with little or no symptoms of any kind. Tooth decay is caused by plaque in your mouth reacting with sugary deposits from food. This reaction produces acids which damages the enamel over time and weakens the teeth. As the decay becomes larger, however, there are likely to be indicators, including tooth sensitivity, toothaches, mild to sharp pain when eating or drinking something sweet, hot or cold. Colored staining on the surface of the tooth, visible holes or pits in the tooth, and finally, pain when you bite down, or put pressure on the tooth. Although you may not be aware that a cavity is forming, regular dental checkups and cleanings will alert you to any potential problems with your teeth – including cavities – even when your mouth feels fine!

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