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tmj Therapy

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ or TMD) refers to a classification of acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the jaw to the skull. Disorders in this region can result in pain and/or impairment in the face, jaw joint, neck and shoulders. Other symptoms include headaches, bite problems, popping or snapping sounds caused when the jaw is in motion, and difficulty moving the jaw or even experiencing it to be locked in one place. TMJ can be a significant medical concern, and should be diagnosed or ruled out by a physician or dentist if any of these symptoms occur. It is often treated with splints or guards for the bite, with medication, and with restorative dentistry or adjustment of the bite to bring it into balance.

What Our happy clients Are Saying…

“Dr Margaux Grason is awesome. She knew exactly what I was looking for & answered all my questions very well.”
Wasim S. - Chicago, IL
Dr. grason was great. she was very quick and very thorough. I’ve had bad experiences with other dentists over-diagnosing and she only recommended what was necessary. 😉
Alex C. - Chicago, IL
This was a very pleasant experience! Great staff, great service! Will definitely recommend them!
Nathalie M. - Chicago, IL
Wait time was short. Staff was super friendly and very good at keeping things not-awkward, which is always a worry. Dr. Grason was great. Down-to-earth doctor, but seemed super capable.
Bradley A. - Chicago, IL
Dr.Margaux was great. She was very professional and took the time to not only explain but show me through photos and x-rays what I needed to get done. She was extremely pleasant and I plan on returning to her for my next appointment.
Katherine J. - Chicago, IL
I hadn’t been to the dentist in years and was a bit nervous. Dr. Margaux couldn’t have been nicer and I felt really at ease. The hygienists were really great, too. Definitely recommend.
Hanna H. - Chicago, IL