It is not uncommon for people to avoid the dentist due to fear of a painful visit. Most dental procedures, however, are not painful. In fact, your comfort is our mission at Sweet Tooth Dentistry. Dental anxiety and stress are extremely common. In our experience at Sweet Tooth, about 50% of people avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Margaux, you are in the hands of a pain-free dentist in Chicago.

Your Comfortable Dentist Appointment
At your initial visit with Sweet Tooth Dentistry, we will ask you a list of questions about your level of anxiety and fears you have concerning visiting the dentist and your oral health. We want to know about any uncomfortable or painful experiences you have had. A pain-free Chicago dentist, like Sweet Tooth Dentistry, will begin to build a relationship with you by discussing the techniques that will be best for you so you can feel comfortable during your visits. We offer a variety of techniques that will allow us to personalize our services to cater to your needs.

Pain Management Options
There are many options for pain management at Sweet Tooth. We offer progressive relaxation and breathing techniques, nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), oral sedation, and anesthesia by a special appointment. If you are curious about a particular technique or alternatives to a procedure, we are more than happy to guide you through the process.

Don’t Let Your Fear Of The Dentist Hold You Back From A Beautiful Smile
As a pain-free dentist in Chicago, we want to eliminate any stress and anxiety you may feel toward visiting the dentist. We don’t want your fears preventing you from getting a healthy and beautiful smile. We offer our pain-free services in Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and Chicago. Call today to request your appointment (773) 525-7725.